AAD has supported several major programs and services, as well as committees, to serve the deaf community statewide. They are:

There have been several financial contributions made by AAD to various businesses and local organizations to meet urgent needs of the deaf community. AAD is proudly able to help donate monies to many worthy causes over the many years. AAD has donated $1,000 to the ASD Historical Museum building fund.

Additionally, over the years AAD has sponsored many different workshops during the convention or between conventions to help educate the deaf community to more effectively use local or state resources and to help train some individuals to become better deaf community leaders. Also, some training workshops have covered legal and legislative action to develop the attendees’ effective skills to handle such issues affecting the deaf community.

AAD is a strong advocate of the education of the deaf for students at the Arkansas School for the Deaf, as well as for deaf students in the mainstreamed programs.